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 I'm a Montana native and an avid lover of all things outdoors and quirky. I'm a little gangsta and a lot hippie. I live and breathe Montana, but I love to rock it in the city. I laugh... a lot and dance even more. I pretty much only drink wine, coffee & water, but not necessarily in that order. I'm REALLY good at making a mess and unfortunately, not to good at cleaning it up! I love to work hard and play hard too. I love nicknames and I have lots. If you want you can call me Poppy, but be prepared for me to give you a nickname in return!



you gotta risk it, to get the bisket

Ugh writing about yourself is THE WORST… I became a photographer so i don’t have to do this.. lol!!!!! Just go on my personal instagram and you will get a pretty good idea of me!!! I’m a mom to the sweetest 8 year old!!! I have an amazing man in my life (he is a dj on the side so if you are looking for an one, he is THE man) and everyday I wake up so thankful to have the best job EVER in the best town EVER!!! Born and raised in the gorgeous Gallatin Valley, a unicorn some say now a days, I grew up with a love for the outdoors. Mountains and water are just second nature to me!!!

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher, that what I went to college to be! I left the state and Swam on a college scholarship! I always had a deep love for art, that was the only AP class I took in high school. So when I had my son, I got a camera and had a 24/7 subject! From the first time I picked up the camera, I was hooked!! I photographed my first wedding not long after and my passion for art a photograph soon became my full time career. I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing weddings. I love the adventure, the love and this fast pace thinking on your feet!!! I get to meet the most amazing people, travel to new, gorgeous locations all over the world and i get to be around people of the best day of their lives!!!


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